6 Best PS4 Hard Drive to Buy In 2020

In this era of gaming finding more space and storage for PS4 is limited and quite difficult and it is hard to choose the best ps4 hard drive. So we have decided to let things make it easy for you which is the best ps4 external hard drive to buy?

best ps4 external hard drive

At first, when PS4 was launched it has only 500 GB space and by time gaming downloading size gradually increasing day by day for example Red Dead redemption has over 100 GB space. Either it is your first time buy best ps4 hard drive or upgrade existing ps4 hard drive if you do not want to lose your older data and you want to continue your games experience without any interruption then you must consider on buying external hard drive.

One of the best hard drive for ps4 is crucial at this time because most of the gamers want to add more game in console but they have not left enough space to do so then either they get rid of old games data or choose an external hard drive for ps4,

What ps4 hard drive to buy? Well, it all depends on your needs whether you need large storage space or having a low budget, design, connectivity and speed. If you find out which collection of features you need then you can easily make a final decision to buy best external ps4 hard drive.

However, if one of the gamer decides to buy external hard drive he must noticed that external hardware must be larger from 250 GB to 10 TB. By the way, an external PS4 hard drive is a very good bet right now to guarantee that by the time the PS5 comes, you are well backed up

Another thing you must be consider that, is it easy to use an external hard drive for PS4? Well, I would say yes it is super easy you can use an external hard drive for PS4. As we will explain further in this article, which is the best hard drive for PS4? In this article, if you still have the confusion about buying best PS4 hard drive we have covered you and made things easy for you. After reading this article our guide will prove to be very helpful in making the right decision.

1. SAMSUNG T7 Touch Portable SSD – Best PS4 Hard Drive

Storage Type | SSD


SAMSUNG T7 Touch Portable SSD ps4 hard drive

The Samsung SSD T7 is best overall hard drive for PS4 you can choose. Its performance and reliability is awesome than all other hard drives in the market. Best part is you can bring it along with you anywhere especially for those who are fond of traveling from one place to another place. Gamers can easily setup on PS4 and can bring their gaming data anywhere in the world.

You must be thinking, what is the best external hard drive for ps4? well, considering the feature of Samsung SSD T7 it has great transfer speed, hard drive is totally made of metal, it is small in size that it can easily place in your hand and the best part of this best PS4 hard drive is it is secured by fingerprint protection. Along with this, it come up to 2 TB space storage option.

2. Toshiba 1TB Canvio Advance

Storage Type | HDD


Toshiba 1TB Canvio Advance

For those who needs budget and best perfoming HDDs hard drive for PS4 Toshiba Canvio Advance is one of them. It comes with great features and affordable price. Canvio Advance is a solid storage solution. It is too easy to use with PS4 and if you want to use it with PC it is password protected.

It provides a backup protection kit as a real value add and easy-to-configure protection tool to keep the data secure. If we look at its features it comes up with three different colors. It also has two years warranty if something bad has happened to the hard drive. The advance Canvio also made up of gloss finish instead of cheaper plastic. It doesn’t need an external power source and only runs off the USB 3.0 ports of the PS4 (or PC).
Overall, it is easy to use and ps4 external hard drive for PS4 with a greater value of under 50$ price for 1 TB.

3. Western Digital Elements 4TB Portable External Drive

High Capacity | Upto 5TB

Capacity | 1TB


Western Digital Elements best ps4 hard drive

WD elements is external hard drive offering reliability for PS4 external hard drive. If do you want to expand hard drive for PS4 it can be great option for your console. It has variants in their hard drive storage space from 1TB to 4 TB. It means you can store up to 100 games at a time with safe storage.

Western Digital has been serving and producing since more than 30 years in field. Hence it can be noticed that they are well experinced and well known what their users exactly want and earned huge reputation in hardware media. It comes up with USB 3.0 connectivity. Beside PS4 you can also use it on PC and MAC for external storage.

4. Samsung SSD T5 1TB

Storage Type | SDD

Capacity | 1TB


Samsung SSD T5 1TB best hard drive for ps4

There is no doubt Samsung is one of the top brands if comes to as external hard drive so they produce another SSD type external storage. Which you can use for PS4. Samsung SSD T5 is absolutely excellent in performance and speed. It has got secure and fast transfer speed which can be much beneficial for your PS4 console.

The new Samsung hard drive can transfers files nearly 9.5x faster than an external hard disk drive (HDD). It can be regular update via Samsung SSD portable and Samsung highly recommend its users. If ever your hard drive heat up by extra usage then do not need to worry it has built-in DYNAMIC THERMAL GUARD (DTG) which can cool down from reaching an excessively high temperature.

5. Seagate Game Drive- Exclusive for PS4

USB Type | USB 3.0

Capacity | 2TB


Seagate Game Drive

Seagate is a brand, especially for world-class DATA solution. Their external hard will gives you the best ever experience is used either for PC or PS4 console. Seagate game drive 2TB external specially built for PS4 and it gives extraordinary experience for gamers. There claims that you can store up to 50 plus games in their external 2TB hard drive.

Seagate made sure this drive would work great in the PS4 with compatible drivers and plug-and-play features. Seagate made sure that their PS4 external hard dive is compatible with their drivers just plugin and play. Their features include USB 3.0 and HDD you can directly use it by just plugin to PS4 and it is portable device.

Moreover, Older USB 2.0 drives won’t even run on a PS4. Built for computer games, Game Drives are just as they sound like. It’s a solid alternative for the technologically innumerate. For most gamers, 2 TB is still certainly enough space to feel relaxed and rarely switch anything around to play. If the library of your games continues to expand, this is the drive you want plugging into your PS4.

6. WD My Passport SSD 1TB

USB Type | USB 3.0

Capacity | upto 2TB


WD My Passport SSD 1TB ps4 hard drive

As we all know, Western Digital (WD) is external hard drive offering reliability for PS4 external hard drive. Their devices offer great reliability and much fast perfamance. Western digital May Passport SSD is one of them. You can use it external hard drive for PS4. But there is one problem WD My Passport SSD is three times the expensive than one regular 1TB HDD. So what you have decided?

So, whether you’re using this SSD as expanded storage, or transferring files to and from your PS4, you’re going to find a major change in how long it takes. By SSD criteria, it’s also fast, robust, and stable. A top speed of 442MB / sec read/write and 540MB / sec over USB3. We would still recommend that you use SSD instead of HDD. This device got password protection with hardware encryption.

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