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How to setup NAMECHEAP VPN on XBOX one Step by step

As after our broad research, we think Namecheap is a good option for setup namecheap VPN on XBOX ONE console. So in this article, we will show you how to setup Namecheap VPN on XBOX.

setup namecheap vpn on xbox one

What is Xbox console?

Xbox is a video gaming console company, which provides excellent graphics for game lovers. It is owned and manufactured by Microsoft. You can attach the game console to a TV or any other media that is providing a display. Basically previously called DirectX Box, the console was expected to be the first game framework created like a PC, but with all the adaptability and power of gaming.

The Xbox One is the new gaming console. Its gaming controller has a built-in battery feature.. It is much powerful and also runs faster, with increased of memory and realistic graphics. However, it is not compatible with all applications. One of the main applications is a Virtual Private Network(VPN). However, in this article, we will show you easiest way to do this.

How to setup Namecheap VPN on XBOX

This is fact that there are very few VPN applications on most gaming consoles, it is as yet conceivable to setup NamecheapVPN on the Xbox console.

We should initially build-up that this process is bit specialized. In this case, we are here to get you through. You can install namecheap VPN on Xbox in different ways. Let us show you how you can do it.

Steps of Setting up Namecheap VPN on Xbox One via PC

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For this method, you will need an Ethernet cable, an Xbox One, a PC or laptop, and an active Namecheap subscription. These are the steps to follow in setting up Namecheap VPN on Xbox One:
First of all, you have to buy a NameCheap VPN subscription, you can do free trial of 30 days which is cost-effective and very fast VPN you can find on the internet. These are the steps to follow in setting up Namecheap VPN on Xbox One:

  1. Install Namecheap VPN on your PC or Laptop

    You can download free Namecheap VPN on your desktop. You can download here Namecheap VPN for windows.

  2. Insert Ethernet cable

    Plugin ethernet cable on one end of PC or Laptop, other on you Xbox console. If you do not have ETHERNET cable you can buy it here.

  3. Connect your home Wifi Network

    If you already connected then skip this step.

  4. Open control panel

    After opening control panel>Network and Sharing>Change Adaptor Settings on the left side of the screen.

  5. Find VPN Icon

    Right click on the TAP window VPN icon, then click “Properties”.

  6. Open sharing tab

    After opening sharing tab check ‘Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection.’After that In “home networking connection” choose your current ethernet connection and select Ok.

  7. Connect VPN

    Now in final step, connect your Namecheap VPN according to your desired server.

Note: Only connect VPN at the end of all setup.

1. Plugin ethernet cable

ethernet cable on xbox setup namecheap vpn on xbox one

2. Connect to Wifi

setup namecheap vpn on xbox one

3. Open control panel

setup namecheap vpn on xbox one

3. Click on Network and sharong centre

setup namecheap vpn on xbox one

4. Click on Change adapter setting

setup namecheap vpn on xbox one

5. Find your TAP window

NAMECHEAP VPN SETUP setup namecheap vpn on xbox one

6. Connect Namecheap VPN

Namecheap xbox vpn ssetup namecheap vpn on xbox oneetup

Overview of Namechap VPN

+Proprietary high-speed server network -Registered in the US 
+Unlimited bandwidth 
+No DNS leaks 
+No traffic logs
Unblocks Netflix, Disney+
+Extremely budget-friendly 


The Namecheap VPN service is improving as time passing. The price is also cheap and affordable, however, there are also other low-priced VPN services.

The fact that Namecheap is IPVanish with a different name is also concerning. This is due to the troubling history of IPVanish logging its users for US authorities.

Add in the current weak state of technical support and limited feature set, and we think you can get a lot more VPN for only a little more money.

You can contact us for more information.

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