Great Amazon Prime Day Deal: Grab three months of Amazon Kids+ for $0.99

Keep your kids always entertain by low cost and awesome Amazon prime day deal for kids.

Amazon Prime Day Deal
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Amazon is best when it comes to physical and as well as digital products or subscription. Amazon kids prime is another great service provided by Amazon which is one such service, and thanks to this early Amazon Prime Day deal you can get three months access for just 99 cents.

Amazon Prime Day Deal

Amazon Kids+ subscription: was $29.99 now $0.99 Keep your kids entertained without having to worry they’re doing something they shouldn’t, and for less money than normal thanks to this early Prime Day deal. Amazon Kids+ has a huge catalog of age-appropriate books, videos, apps, and audiobooks for kids aged 3-12 – plus robust parental controls for your own peace of mind.

Back when it was named spare time Limitless, you may have heard of Amazon Kids+. It is a subscription program for children between the ages of 3 and 12 and provides full access, including books , films, audio books, and games, to a large library of age-appropriate content.

A membership will usually cost you $2.99 a month for a single child account, or $6.99 a monthly for a family plan that allows up to four children with access. This early Prime Day discount drastically lowered the amount, and now for just 99p you will get a 3 months family plan. It’s a $29, or 97 percent, savings.

With good parental controls often come with the service, enabling parents to configure what their children have access to and for how long. That entails time limits, limiting such material, inserting material from your own private library, and much more.

Best still, the deal can also be redeemed for clients that already have a monthly membership to Amazon Kids+. Unfortunately, it is impossible for anyone with a prepaid subscribers. The deal is also limited to one per client and account, and is only available on October 12 until 23:59 (PT).

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