Save 33% off On Turtle Beach Battle Buds Exclusive for Gamers

Turtle Beach Battle Buds is universal compatibility for all gaming console. Those gamers who do not like big size gaming headset on their head. These battle buds will best suit them.

turtle beach battle buds deal

We have brought Turtle beach deals for you today. Turtle Beach is one of the world’s largest gaming accessories providers with brand mostly known as “pioneering first-to-market”. Their devices provide a high quality of gamers user experience and marked themselves as leading market leader in gaming console world and their brand fans are increasing and people love them.

The new in-ear game headset Turtle Beach Battle Buds were designed to fight on every platform, wherever you play! Battle Buds are the ultimate combination of in-ear convenience and great sound, from road trips with the Nintendo Switch to Battle Royales on Xbox or PlayStation at home to handheld games on your everyday commute. Built to listen loudly and clearly while you’re on the move, with a detachable high-sensitivity booming mic or insert mic.


$29.95 $19.95

It has Multi-function inline controller it puts master volume control, mic mute and a multi-function button (on supported devices) at your fingertips.
Specially designed for gaming console with universal compatibility.

With the Turtle Beach Battle Buds, your gaming experience will enhance further. Whichever Platform you are playing on it does not matter it has built-in Universal Compatibility. The console which are supported is PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, and also including mobile gaming.

Audio production can be hit or miss with earbuds in this price range, and the Battle Buds are no different. Incredibly weak are the bass frequencies and lower mids, whereas high frequencies are very strong, but the higher frequencies appear to have a kind of buttery tone.

Earhooks on earbuds are an unusual sight, so it was a nice treat to see a $19.95 headset rocking them. We always typically have difficulty holding earbuds in my ears, so ear hooks are often appreciated, especially with distinct sizes.


Certainly, the Battle Buds do have some high points. Considering the low price tag, adjustable ear hooks and a boom mic are ambitious upgrades. The high sensitivity of the boom mic, though, maybe a deadly flaw for users of Xbox Live voice chat or PS4 players. For games, the sharp highs are fantastic, but it’s difficult to say if this was deliberate or simply a side effect of bad driver implementation overall.

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